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ANDREW REILLY: Author, Fulbright Scholar (twice-awarded), international teacher, film/TV actor, world traveler (over 50 countries) and general all-around adventurer. Andrew speaks seven languages, has two Masters Degrees (in Theater and Teaching English to Foreign Speakers) – and has taught "Language Learning through Drama" in Russia and Romania, "Aviation English" in Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, French in Orlando and English in Miami and Israel.


His previous book , "An Actor's Business" (2012) received Library Journal's "Highest Recommendation." It was named "Book of the Year" by Stage Directions Magazine. He has directed theater productions in Hong Kong, Russia, and Saudi Arabia and acted in film and television in China, New York and Los Angeles.


During his extensive travels, Andrew held jobs ranging from longshoreman in Hamburg, Germany, to ship-fitter/pipe-fitter and miner in the US, to working for the British Army in their Berlin PX, among other endeavors – all part of on-the-job research for his journal, "Arc of a Life: Escapades of an Adventurer" – detailing his up-close encounters with varied global cultures, social mores, history and politics.


Andrew currently lives in Ashland, Oregon, where he writes and is active in several arts organizations.

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