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"Andrew is the quintessential life auteur. I sat down to read with an hour to spare, and at midnight reluctantly set this cheeky escapade aside.  It's more than an adventure – it's a world tour of impressive accomplishments and sage observations. Andrew has Attitude. His eye is sharp. He travels and works all over the world, speaks several languages, and takes no prisoners. It's a kick to ride along." ~ Darrell Cavan, Author

"Highly recommend! An adventurous story from a true adventurer. The book has vibrant dynamics and energy – and you can explore many exciting and meaningful stories from all around the globe." 

~ Hyunsoo Lee, President Oregon Fulbright Association (5 Stars)

"A page turner from the very beginning! Mr. Reilly has the ability, which really good authors have, to "transport you" to different lands in a different time. In addition to being a talented writer, he is extremely well traveled and that combination makes this book a fascinating read. His fun adventures have given me the urge to travel again, and although my travels might not be as adventurous and romantic as Reilly's, I will appreciate them more thanks to the author's fascinating journey shared in his book!"  ~ Alish DuPont, Film Producer (5 Stars)

"An exciting account of a Free Spirit! Few people I have ever met can relate such fascinating accounts of their travels and encounters. Mr. Reilly is an excellent storyteller who shares his insights with honesty and humor."  ~ James Tate, English Instructor, Jeddah Saudi Arabia    (5 Stars)

"I am so impressed with so much of Andrew Reilly's great book, "Arc of a Life!~ Gail Edwards, Author, Stage, Screen, TV star

"Andrew Reilly is a visionary man with a holistic global perspective. An interesting book giving insights into places and people. I recommend this book to all you curious and adventurous people."  ~ Kim Robinson, Aviation-English Instructor (5 Stars)

"What a superb way to travel the world, its languages, cultures and civilizations – each escapade and adventure placed in its historical and political context. It is a lesson about life and discovery. Bravo to your book and good luck on your next voyage." ~ Evelyn Morin, Author

"Reilly is a true Renaissance Man! Well-travelled, and versed in multiple disciplines, he covers much ground in this memoir of his travels. Highly entertaining and informative, you will enjoy this read!"  ~ Veronica James, Professional Actor, Narrator (5 Stars)

"Andrew Reilly's reporting is full of insights and opinions about the customs, histories, political conflicts, hypocrisies, and delights, as well as the horrors he has encountered in Russia, China, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and more. He writes with verve about the many cities and countries where he has lived and worked, some of them places readers might themselves feel inspired to visit. Bravo!" ~ Fred Ferraris, Author (4 Stars)

"A worthy read. Andrew’s fierce loyalty to humanity, honed via this wild Hemingway-like adventure, is told with abrupt honesty and intelligence. You are left feeling how it must have been sitting in the lobby of a hotel with someone who just returned from Russia, Afghanistan, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and regaling all present with their well earned opinions."  ~ Markus Flanagan, Television Actor (5 Stars)

"Many dream of going on an adventure, Andrew Reilly did it! "Arc of a Life" will keep you wondering, “what is going to happen next?” An accomplished writer, Andrew’s tale is surprisingly honest and courageously blunt. He has a nuanced view of philosophy, politics and world events that can make you rethink your assumptions and recognize your biases." ~ Joseph Suste, Author and Playwright (5 Stars)

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